Friday, October 24, 2008

Smiles, smiles, smiles

Thats me, at 16 weeks I love to smile. I smile at Daddy every morning when he comes and gets me up, and I smile at Mommy during breakfast when I stop to burp. (I'm really good at that, by the way. My uncles would be proud!) I smile when Mommy plays with me, and even at the strangers we meet when Mommy takes me into town. I'm growing lots and building muscles, especially in me legs...I like to bounce around when someone holds me up with my feet on their lap! Mommy says I'm dancing, and Daddy thinks I'm going to be a gymnist or a runner!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

14 Weeks

So here I am at 14 weeks. I'm growing lots and smiling all the time. I still don't have much hair, but I'm working on that. I have started to figure out my hands and how I can make them do pick up toys and grab onto fingers. I have also started to suck on my fist. Yes, I often try to stick the entire thing in my mouth, but that doesn't usually work very well. I decided that individual fingers just aren't my thing right now, but all of them together, now that is something to suck on!

Mommy found these sun glasses for me on clearance, and she thinks I look pretty cool with them on. I'm not so sure about them, as I'm not used to having something stuck on my face. But I have to admit, I do look pretty cool in this picture, hanging out with my favorite toy, my Bee!

Mommy made me a hat...another hat. I guess Mommy is worried about my head getting cold, since I don't have much hair. I do like this hat matched the blanket that I sleep with every night Mommy made for me, and it is pretty warm, so maybe that will be good, because it is getting colder here.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My Hat

So Mommy and Daddy thought it would be fun to go for a walk after dinner, but it had gotten a bit chilly. They didn't want me to get cold, so they put this hat on me (I wasn't to sure I liked it very much). They kept laughing at me and saying I looked French. By the end of the walk, my blanket had been pulled up to my chin, and I could hardly see, but I was nice and warm thanks to the soft blanket that my Great-Grandma Wester gave me!!

So, I guess I had been so cute in my hat that Mommy and Daddy had me wear it to church. Now I must say that I do look very cute in this picture, and I got lots of great compliments from everyone at church. So maybe this hat is alright.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Chillin' with my Bee

So here I am, just chillin' in the chair, playing with my bee. It is my favorite toy to play with, because the wings are silky and they make a crinkly sound when I touch them. I also figured out that if I squeeze the fat part just right, its face blinks and it plays music! I have really enjoyed figuring out how to grab and let go, and have even figured out how to bring it up to my face so I can put it in my mouth. I'm learning so much and growing a lot too. And aren't I awful cute in my heart pajamas!