Saturday, February 20, 2010

I'm cool!

I have discovered big girl sunglasses, and they are so much fun to wear!

And I look pretty cute in them too!

Me and Daddy...we're cool!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

We found a new place to live!

Mommy and Daddy signed the lease this morning and we will move next weekend, if the weather cooperates! Mommy has gone into packing mode, and every day during nap time tries to get a few more things packed. She hasn't taken too many pictures of me recently, and I'm guessing with the move, probably won't take too many the next few weeks. But I'll try to keep you updated as much as possible about all things ME!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Playing in the snow

Its been a week since the double snow storm, and since the snow is still hanging around, Mommy decided to take me out to play in it. (Since my first attempt at playing in the snow didn't go so well, Mommy was a little nervous.) I really like getting all bundled up, and I no longer freak out when I see the snow, so I've made a lot of progress since the first storm before Christmas!

Here I am trying to walk on the packed snow. I really wasn't too sure about felt a little slippery and made a funny sound. But I found my courage and ventured out to Mommy.

Then Mommy put me in the sled. I did good just sitting in it, but once Mommy tried to pull me, I got a little scared. (She was just pulling me on the flat, packed driveway.) She pulled me about 15 ft, turned around, and then pulled me back to the house.

I was done with the sled, and pretty much done with the snow, but Mommy wanted to play for a little longer, so I let her. She went and sat in the pile of snow, and tried to make a snow angel (but wasn't too successful, because the snow is coarse, because it has been just warm enough to melt). I didn't like it at all that Mommy was laying in the snow...I thought for sure that something bad had happened to her, and tried to get to her, but was hampered by the awful white stuff. Finally, she sat up and saw me trying to walk to her, with tears in my eyes. She held out her hand and helped me up onto her lap. I was relieved that she was OK, but scared of all the snow that I was now sitting in, and Mommy decided that we had been out long enough! We went back in to the safety of the house! When will this snow go away??

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Potty Time!

I have been practicing going potty (sitting on the potty, but not actually doing anything) for a few weeks now. Mommy has just been helping me get comfortable with sitting on the potty and all that. I have been letting Mommy know when I need a new diaper at times, so Mommy figured I might soon catch on to tell Mommy before I needed a new diaper. And today I did, and I actually went pee-pee in the potty! And because of all of the snow, Daddy was home to witness my big girl achievement!

(Mommy actually took these pictures a few days ago, but thought that it would be good to post them with my story of using the potty!)

Yes, it is ironic, what my shirt says. It just so happened to be the shirt I was wearing when Mommy decided to take my picture. It is appropriate though!


Yes, that is right. The snow that we got over the weekend, close to 30 inches, is knee-high on Daddy, which means it is almost over my head! We haven't been out in it and Mommy only took a few pictures because we have had enough with snow, and because it started snowing again yesterday, and we got another 15 inches and to top it off, the wind is blowing! Which means the snow is drifting!

I've had enough with winter! The snow is now over my head and the wind is blowing so hard I think it could blow me away if I went outside!

On Monday, Daddy had to walk to the end of the very long driveway to catch a ride to work with a coworker, because he couldn't get our car out. (We only have one now, because Daddy sold his over the weekend.) Daddy was able to get out yesterday, and today the office was closed because the roads were so bad, the police and governor were asking people to stay off the roads unless it was an emergency!

On a positive note, Daddy didn't have to go to work today, so we have been playing all day, and I think Daddy is ready for a nap!

Monday, February 1, 2010

19 Months!

Yes, it is true. I continue to grow. More and more each month. I am getting taller. I have more hair, and my teeth have come in (a few, anyway). And every day I figure out more and more things that I can do!

I love it when the trains come by and blow their whistle! As soon as I hear it, I call out choo-choo, and run to the window to watch it go by. I also pointed out a school bus as it drove past our house, said "bus," and then went and got my school bus to play with. I understand so much of what Mommy and Daddy are saying, I'm just not quite ready to say too much myself just yet.

Daddy always gets excited when I wear this shirt, especially with my purple hoodie. He always yells "Purple, Gold...Go Pirates!"

Some family news to share...we are moving again. The house we have been living in is for sale, and is now under contract. Mommy and Daddy just found out, so they are starting to look for a new place for us. Good thing Mommy didn't unpack everything when we moved here!