Monday, February 14, 2011

Playing at Nana's house

We are at Nana and Papa's house!! Daddy has a bunch of work to do in Southern Virgina this week, so we are staying with Nana and Papa for a while! The weather has been pretty nice, so I have been playing outside a lot!

No, there aren't three of me, Mommy was just playing around in Photoshop. Silly Mommy!

See, she is at it again. This is pretty neat to watch the tower fall!

One nice thing about staying with Nana and Papa, is that they like to spoil me! One mention of ice cream and we are on our way to Dairy Queen, not that Mommy minds at all.
I like just the plain ice cream cone, and here Papa is helping me. It was dripping faster than I could lick it!

Papa was amazed at me! Who wouldn't be!

I sure do like spending time with Nana and Papa. And seeing Uncle Philip and Aunt Lindsay, and Aunt Anna and Uncle Bryson is fun too!

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