Thursday, February 17, 2011

Science center

Today, Nana took Mommy and me someplace special, the North Carolina Museum of Life and Science! It is part zoo, and part children's museum, so there were lots of things for me to see and do! I learned about weather and the space program and germs and play with balls and bubbles and lots of other things.

Here I am checking out some turtles!

Nana dropped a coin in and I got to watch it go around and around and around!

I got to roll the balls down the hill!

I pushed down on the lever and made lots of bubbles in the tube!

This was one of my favorite things. It played music and the music changed depending on how I moved the squares in front of me. It was really neat to listen to the music that I was making!

Mommy had me stand on the feet closest to my shoe size and stuck a dot right above my head. (I think some other people must have been playing around, because some of those dots can't be in the right place.)

Once we were done inside, we got to see a bunch of animals, like cows and goats and pigs, and then, we rode on a train!!!!!

Nana and I, all ready for our ride!

I was really excited!

Then we went to a butterfly house. It was a great big room with lots of plants and flowers, and there were butterflies flying all over the place. One landed on Mommy, and another tried to land on me! Mommy took lots of pictures of all the different butterflies, and these are my favorites...

(Mommy tried to chase the pretty blue one around, but whenever she was close enough to take a picture, he wouldn't open his wings, so she got a picture when he was up on the window.)

This yellow one was so pretty sitting on the purple flowers!

Thank you Nana for our trip to the Life and Science Museum. I had a really good time!

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